The flora and fauna of the Hyères salt marshes

Geographical location

An exceptional geographical location

The Presqu'ile de Giens is a unique place in the world. Its double Tombolo, its neighborhoods resembling small Mediterranean villages, and the nature that surrounds it make it a place to discover, to know and to preserve.


A geographical location

Le Hameau des Pesquiers - Écolodge & Spa is an exceptional location on the Giens peninsula opposite the Illes d'Or, in the heart of the Port Cros National Park.
Embraced by pine forests, bordered on one side by the sea and on the other by the Salin of the same name, the hamlet of Les Pesquiers is one of the most exceptional heritage sites in the southern region.

It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.

David Attenborough


An almost perfect grid structure

The Giens peninsula is linked to the mainland by 2 alluvial channels 4 km long: the double tombolo.

Between these two sandy inlets, a vast area of salt marshes provides a refuge for migratory birds. A veritable sanctuary for Mediterranean biodiversity.

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